August 27, 2016

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This is a list of top quality training experiences that will enhance your SELF’-ESTEEM and boost through the roof yourSELF-CONFIDENCE! The stronger and sustainable your Self-Confidence becomes, the more you are able to BE – ACT  and LIVE The Asssertive Way.  There are courses offered in ENGLISH and/or in SPANISH. Some have a special discount for you that you will only find in this website. This list will be enriched progressively.

Do you need a specific course to help you in your Assertiveness Process? Let us know and we will do our besr to find it for you!

The Systemic Assertiveness Training Program
El Programa de Entrenamiento Sistémico en Asertividad


The most comprehensive Assertiveness Training Program currently offered online!

More than 1000 students in the SPANISH program. An overall of 86 reviews with average of 4.77 stars.
The ENGLISH VERSION of the program is almost conplete! Will be launched during the month of Septembre 2016. We’ll keep you posted!

• Do you want to maximize your SELF-CONFIDENCE?
• Will you like to feel like a WINNER in your life… instead of a “losser“?
• Do you want to learn HOW TO stop being ‘complaicent’ with everyone and start taking care of your own needs and wishes?
• Do you happen to say YES” when you wish to say “NO”…  or say “NO” when you wish to say “YES”?

If you have answered affirmatively to any of these questions, then THIS PROGRAM IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

ASSERTIVENESS is a correct way of BEING, ACTING and LIVING that gives you more and more personal satisfactions as you apply it
and achieve your goals in all contexts of your life, making you a WINNER!

It’s HOLISTIC & SYSTEMIC approach is unique and it’s what mekes this program oustand from other assertiveness training courses.

ATTENTION! For the launching of this program FIVE (5) FREE coupons will be given randomly to FIVE members of this website. So make sure you are subscribed to participate in this draw!


Make a Powerful Vision Board and Attract What You Want!
A course of The Treasure Series

This course is currently only in ENGLISH. / Este curso actualmente sólo está en Inglés.

Check the following video for more information about this course. Take advantage of the DISCOUNT COUPON OF 51% only for members of this website. PLEASE OPEN IN NEW TAB clicking on the right hand side of your mouse!


  • Create Powerful Affirmations to Attract Wellbeing and Joy
  • Anxiety Reduction