August 27, 2016



We  have done a thorough search online to find high quality products to post in this space for you to check and evaluate if any suits YOU in your quest and path of becoming an ASSERTIVE PERSON and LIVING your life The Assertive Way.These include both info-products (digital products) and physical products.

Remember that BEING, ACTING and LIVING ASSERTIVELY includes taking care of your self from an integral and systemic mindset. This means, observing the different areas of your life – Your HEALTH in general – Your WEALTH, so that the financial aspect is not an issue for you – Your RELATIONSHIPS, in all of your life’s contexts: at home, at work, with your friends and socially.

These are some recommendations of products we have considered suitable and aligned with our values and mission. Nevertheless, as a disclaimer, we do not guarantee their outcomes. We call to your common sense and good judgement… and if facing any doubts about a specific product, PLEASE do your own research for verification! We hope that each one you purchase, more than accounts for every penny you pay and contributes to enrich the quality of your life in many ways.

To Your Integral Wellbeing!


List of Products